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Aetheric Engineering satellite and network operationAetheric Engineering Ltd is experienced in the design, implementation and commissioning of Satellite Control systems, to receive telemetry from, and transmit telecommands to, the satellites. Satellites must be kept under control, in order to maintain their orbital position, and to maintain a working configuration as equipment faults develop or the operational needs develop. Telemetry Tracking and Command (TT&C) systems €“ also known as TCR (Telemetry Command and Ranging) systems - include the computer system performing those tasks and the ground station (or network of ground stations) providing communications between that computer system and the satellites.

We are also experienced in network operational systems, including Spectrum Monitoring and Capacity Planning. For closed networks, we also have experience of the monitoring of Signalling information.

In-orbit Test (IOT) systems are also required, for the confirmation of satellite performance after launch, and we have experience of implementing such systems and also of performing in-orbit testing of satellites.

We are always happy to discuss requirements and how our experience and expertise could assist; simply send an e-mail to [email protected]