Independent satellite communications, satellite design, telecommunications and satellite technology consultants


GROUND NETWORK IMPLEMENTATION, COMMISSIONING and MAINTENANCE / VALIDATIONAs specialists in satellite communications, telecommunications and satellite technology, Aetheric Engineering‚€™s support is provided in the design, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of both public and private telecommunications networks, with an emphasis on networks using satellite communications.

The company's support is available for the enhancement of existing satellite communication facilities and networks, or for the implementation of complete telecommunications networks. We can also assist in the resolution of problems and faults in those networks, identifying results of ageing, equipment damage, configuration errors, or installation or maintenance deficiencies, and the programme of remedial work necessary to rectify the situation. This is particularly important in large networks, where the symptoms of individual problems can often be hidden amongst overall poor performance and interference issues.

Business planning support can be provided on the basis of either an individual project or a complete business, including initial design studies and feasibility studies. Technology development studies and projects can be managed on a client‚€™s behalf, where capability enhancements are a prerequisite for a successful business case.

Aetheric Engineering provides support and assistance during all phases of the design, procurement, commissioning and operation of satellite communications and related systems, supporting earth station technology, network control centres, and data and voice networks. Our consultants have experience of working with all sizes of earth station, from VSAT to large trunk and hub stations, and of working with all sizes of network, from national to corporate.

We are always happy to discuss requirements and how our experience and expertise could assist; simply send an e-mail to [email protected]