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Intelsat  Selects  Kratos’  OpenSpace  Satellite  Ground  Platform  as  Part  of  Its  Next  Generation  Network 

May 31, 2022 – Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. announced that its OpenSpace™ Platform has  been  selected  by Intelsat as a key  component  to  unify  the  operations  of its ground and  space systems in its next generation network. Intelsat’s next generation network will combine the latest in space,  ground  and  cloud  technologies  to  deliver  robust,  dynamic  and  flexible  services  to  their customers. To execute against these goals Intelsat needs dynamic, standards based software defined platforms  that can adapt quickly  to changes at  the space layer to deliver services where and when they are needed and support migration  to 5G  technologies. Kratos’ OpenSpace Platform is  the  first and only software defined satellite ground system. Fully virtualized and orchestrated, and built upon widely  accepted  industry  standards,  OpenSpace  enables  scalable  deployment  within  an  elastic, cloud agnostic  environment.  With  the  OpenSpace  Platform,  Intelsat  will  be  able  to  instantiate carrier grade  services  in  minutes  instead  of  the  weeks  or  even  months  commonly  required  with traditional  hardware based  ground  systems,  allowing  its  customers  to  quickly  deploy  services  and make service changes to meet evolving user needs.     

Inmarsat  Fleet  Hotspot  Addresses  Needs  of  Crew  and  Shipowners  as  Seafarer  Connectivity  Becomes a Requiremen 

May  31,  2022  –  In May  2022,  eight  significant  amendments  were  agreed  to  update  the  landmark Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC), including making onboard crew connectivity a requirement for  ship  owners. The  new  requirements  come at a  time when  seafarer welfare is  under increasing scrutiny from within and outside the shipping industry. As the world leader in global, mobile, satellite communications,  Inmarsat  is  a  strong  proponent  for  the  well being  of  crew,  and  its  Fleet  Hotspot solution  is  helping  ship  owners  address  the  requirements  to  ensure  that  crew  remain  socially connected while at sea. Powered by Inmarsat’s industry leading Fleet Xpress service, Fleet Hotspot delivers high speed internet access allowing crew at sea to stay in contact with friends and relatives, as well as stream music, films and series. Seafarers can access the user friendly Fleet Hotspot portal on their own device to monitor their usage or top up their balances as required. The solution’s value to  seafarers  and  shipowners  is  evident  with  the  average  monthly  crew  spend  on  connectivity increasing at a high pace in the past two years.

PT. Wahana Telekomunikasi Dirgantara (WTD) Indonesia Signs UHTP Ka Band Satellite with QSTC

May 31, 2022 – QSTC Inc. announced the signing of an agreement with PT. Wahana Telekomunikasi Dirgantara  (WTD)  for  the  provision  of  turnkey  UHTP  Ka  and  Q/V  band  services  satellites  using  a dedicated smart Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellite. Under the scope of the agreement, QSTC is  the prime contractor  responsible  for delivering  the services, based on  the use of its  fully electric satellite  platform,  Sigma100, with a  communication  payload  together with master  satellite  control and  ground  segment.  The  satellite  shall  be  providing  coverage  over  South  East  Asia  while demonstrating  new and  innovative  digital  communication  payload. QSTC  is Quebec,  Canada  based company  providing  space  solutions  and  is  redesigning  the  future  of  telecommunications  satellites and addressing one of mankind’s most pressing needs.

DEWA Collaborates with Eutelsat to Develop its Space‐D Programme and DEWA‐SAT1 

May  31,  2022  –  Dubai  Electricity  and  Water  Authority  (DEWA)  signed  an  MoU  with  Eutelsat  to provide technical support for DEWA’s Space D programme and DEWA’s 3U nanosatellite DEWA SAT1. This  will  help  develop  nanosatellite  Internet  of  Things  (IoT)  terminals  and  enhance  connectivity between  DEWA’s  assets  and  its  nanosatellite.  The  cooperation  aims  to  explore  the  potential integration of Eutelsat Earth Low Orbit (ELO) satellites with the Space D programme and expand the fleet of nanosatellites for both parties. The two parties will design, develop and implement the first use case  at  DEWA’s  Research  &  Development  (R&D)  Centre  that  combines  using  IoT  sensors  and Eutelsat ELO satellites and develop use cases for advancing the utility sector worldwide.

ST  Engineering  iDirect  and  ComClark  Partner  to  Raise  the  Bar  on  Satellite  Internet  for  Students  across the Philippines

May  30,  2022  –  ST  Engineering  iDirect  and  Philippines based  value added  service  provider  for broadcast  and  telecommunications,  ComClark  Network  and  Technology  Corporation,  have  come together to improve connectivity services  for the country’s public school network. Satellite services being rolled out at more than 2,000 remote schools in the Philippines will use the iDirect Evolution Hub,  iQ  Desktop  modems,  gateway  antenna  and  HPA  (High  Power  Amplifier).  Global  satellite operator SES will provide Ku band capacity via the SES 9 satellite.

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