Independent satellite communications, satellite design, telecommunications and satellite technology consultants


Aetheric Engineering Ltd was formed in 1989, and has provided independent consultancy services in all areas of Satellites and of Satellite Communications since that time. Our support is provided throughout the product cycle, including feasibility and design studies, procurement and project management, supervision of implementation, testing and commissioning, and operation. We also support related technical and business activities.

Our support has been provided to clients on a world-wide basis, and includes the following typical clients:

Satellite Procurement

We have supported numerous satellite programmes, with payloads operating at L-Band, C-Band, X-Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band, for African, Asian, European and North American customers. This support has included evaluation of proposals and contractor selection, participation in Design and Test Reviews and monitoring of day-to-day contractor activities, throughout the design, manufacture, integration and test of the satellites, on behalf of customer organisations. We have also performed In-Orbit testing.

We have provided project management and technical support for the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of ground segment facilities for communications and meteorological satellite systems, including Satellite Control Centres, Network Control Centres, TT&C/TCR ground stations, In-Orbit Test systems, and related equipment and systems. These ground segment systems have ranged from single site collocated ground station and control centre to worldwide network of ground stations and diversely located control centres. Our expertise includes both civilian and military ground segments.

We assisted with initial operation and operator readiness for a LEO GMPCS system and provided support towards integration of the ground segment for another GMPCS operator.

We have also assisted with negotiations leading to frequency coordination, and we also assisted with initial business planning for a new satellite system operator.

Satellite Design and Implementation

We have supported spacecraft design and analysis activities on behalf of satellite manufacturers. Spacecraft classes have ranged from hundreds of kilograms to several tonnes and from MEO to GEO. In particular, we assisted a satellite manufacturer to develop a GEO mini-satellite bus for telecommunications applications.

Satcom Service Provision

We have supported the implementation and commissioning of individual earth stations and networks of earth stations for a variety of clients in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. This support included three multi-antenna teleports.

We have provided a Type Approval service to one of the international satellite operators and supported procurement of an Approval Test House for another mobile satellite communications operator.

We conducted a feasibility study into the implementation of an Inmarsat LES for the African continent, and we studied the applicability of satellite communications to augment the existing infrastructure of a national telecommunications network operator.

We have managed development studies leading to the definition of next generation subscriber terminals for a mobile satellite communications operator.

Other Contracts

Within many contracts, we have provided formal training to clients; on satellite technologies, on satellite communications systems, and on antenna technologies for automotive applications
We supported the design and initial production of a mobile VSAT terminal.

We assisted in the production of an initial business plan for a new satellite operator.

 We are always happy to discuss requirements and how our experience and expertise could assist; simply send an e-mail to [email protected]